Weight Loss
Increased body awareness

As we release and activate muscles in your body your awareness of your posture and movement will increase. You will start to understand how you sit, stand, walk and move from the ground up. This information will benefit us for programming you correctly so you achieve the best results.

Weight Loss
Positive mindset

A positive mindset is a natural occurrence when you start training consistently. From consistency you start to see results and this in turn creates a positive mindset towards the gym, your training and your coach.

Weight Loss
Systemised tracking of your progress with specialised video to follow

We use a system thats user friendly and helps you to track our your progress. We do this via an app that has both your program in a spreadsheet and video of each exercise attached to help guide you when you are unsure and make sure you’re doing the exercise right every time.

Weight Loss
SMART goal setting

In order to achieve the results you want and deserve we will set measurable and realistic smart goals with you. SMART goals are an in-depth look at what it is YOU really want to gain from exercise. This will help you to plan and utilise your time to maximise results.

Weight Loss
Accountability to your goals

Accountability is everything when moving towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

We will plan your time with you so you can complete your supplementary program twice a week and track your progress. If at any time you don’t complete whats required we will be there to motivate you to put in the extra work.

Weight Loss
Improved quality of life

Improving your quality of life is our main priority. Smart goal setting will help you realise what you need, to gain back mobility, stability and strength throughout your body. Being able to do the things you couldn’t since your injury is frustrating and striving to get these back will motivate you in more ways than 1.

Living your life in pain is a thing of the past. Working together we will help you get back to feeling the best you can so you can return to the things in life you love doing.

Weight Loss
Useful skillsets gained you can use for life

At Prism we don’t just strive to achieve your goals we want to teach you a skill set that will motivate you and give you the tools to keep achieving, long after you finish your programs with us. Being able to come into a gym and know exactly what you’re doing gives you confidence and belief in yourself that drive the results you want.

Weight Loss

Feeling stiffness when you wake up in the morning? Is your back permanently sore or tight? Are you not moving comfortably in your job? Well its time to change your life. Through the right balanced assessment we kick start you off on the right foot to improve how your body will move in the future. With the right exercises for you, our structured programming involves exercise though the full range of motion combined with targeted stretching and releasing, that will take away the soreness and help you feel relaxed and mobile.

Weight Loss
Workout consistency & routine

Prism performance and education invites you to get out of your old negative habits and create positive new habits.

Sometimes this isn’t always easy but we have a way to help you!

We know by our many years of helping people, to create new habits we use specialized programs and we stay consistent working with your program week in week out. With our structured programming, exercise will become part of your life’s routine and it will become fun and consistent. Don’t sit around waiting for exercise to come to you its time you seek out what you’ve been missing in your life. Come and join us at prism performance and education.