Prism Performance is a new Technical Development Program built for personal trainers who want to learn the best techniques available for rehabilitation, mobility, stability & strength.

Not only that but we all so focus on the biggest struggle Personal Trainers have today.


I know from my experience as a Personal Training Manager too many personal trainers with huge potential fail to grow a successful business, they leave the fitness industry and end up with a J.O.B that they are not even passionate about.


Because they don’t know how to sell and market their services.

Some of the biggest pit falls that personal trainers fall into when starting their business are:
  • Not knowing how to generate leads with confidence in more way than 1!
  • Not knowing how to qualify leads within their target market!
  • Not knowing how to sell to your prospects at the highest price point!
  • Dealing with objections from all prospects and closing the sale when they say: “Thats too expensive…”!
  • How to continue a solid cashflow even when your on holiday!
  • How to increase your session rate annually without losing clientele!
  • Building your social footprint so that you position yourself as an industry leader and subject matter expert!

Prism Performance will teach you how to overcome these pit falls by giving you the information required, building the confidence you need,
which in turn will create a sustainable & profitable business.

We will provide you with the skill sets you need to shape your future and enjoy a career that you are truely passionate about.

For those professional trainers who DESIRE TO BE THE BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES, Prism Performance will help them reach their full potential in business and in life!

We provide a systemised structure to the business of personal training, ensuring great success at your chosen career.


Are YOU that Personal Trainer that does not have a process for marketing, sales, or your clients journey mapped out from start to finish?

Are YOU that Personal Trainer that does not prospect because they have tried and failed or have a fear of rejection?

YOU fail to sign new prospects because you don’t have a sales presentation in place to show enough value?

YOU don’t have an assessment process that gives you the information to program correctly or you don’t program at all?

YOU cant increase your rate because you’re fearful of losing income?

Sound familiar?

Prism Performance is here to help YOU overcome all of these obstacles with proven methods that will set YOU on a journey to real success and a life of abundance.

If YOUR serious about being a stand out professional in YOUR field then choosing the right journey for success is vital.