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Yes, if you have an existing injury or health condition we require a certificate to clear you for Rehabilitation training.
You will need to check with your provider depending on your provider there may be an opportunity for a rebate. In most circumstances providers do not provide rebates for rehabilitation coaching yet.
We hope this will change in the future.
In some cases it is, you will need to be guided by your health care professional. In our decades of experience we have found working together with allied health professionals together with our highly experience coaches yield the best long term results for our clients.
Everyone’s is different and it depends on the severity of the injury. Some people have results in as little as 90 days other it can take up to one year or more of rehabilitation.
Yes we have all of the above and can be found on the ABOUT US page on our website.
We have a variety of packages ranging from beginner to advanced training. We will suggest the right one for you within your complimentary consultation. Our packages are designed to fit with most people’s budgets.
Unfortunately we don’t take cash payments. We use a direct debit company called Paysmart. We have found this to be the easiest for our clients and your chosen package will be debited fortnightly to take the hassle out of paying. (your coach will be happy to discuss any further questions you may have about payment.)

Yes. A membership will be arranged for you for as little as $3 per day.

At this stage we do not provide outdoor training or home visits. We have found over many years we get the best results for our clients operating out of a fully equipped gym which provides a variety of equipment and devices not available outdoors or at home.
Yes we do. The service we provide depends on the severity of the injury and what your surgeon or specialist recommends.
Book your complimentary consult from our website or call 0405 373 892 to speak to the owner Dan Henderson.
Yes, Our coaches are skilled in many different areas and are experts in their various fields.
We are proficient in weight loss, strength training, sports specific training and Olympic lifting.
Yes please feel free to view our testimonials page on our website.
Yes, for any session you are not happy with you will receive that session again, plus and extra session at no extra charge, plus $100 cash.
Yes, our services are open to all genders over the age of 16 years.

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