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Gary Clark

Hi, I trained with Dan for about four months. Let me tell you I wasn’t the most motivated client he probably had at the start. After our first session we both realised just how unfit I was, I had trouble getting off the floor. Dan took all this in his stride and we slowly started a routine of stretching and moving Dan’s exercise, muscular knowledge and advice is invaluable. To cut a long story short, with his help I lost 18kg’s. If your thinking of a personal trainer, you can’t go past Dan.

Silvestro Granozio

I wanted to start Personal training to get a better understand on how to train and grow my body and muscles. Daniel helped me understand these techniques with a great tool of weekly templates with exercises, pictures and videos. Daniels motivation and knowledge in our weekly one on ones always had me feeling energised and strong. I would recommend Prism performance to anyone who is keen on learning about fitness and be heard too achieve their goals.

Susie Duckmanton

I had been experiencing chronic pain in my shoulder, neck and arm for over a year. Dan was recommended to me due to his experience in rehabilitation of injury through strength based training.
Dan is very approachable and easy to talk to. Whilst I wanted to minimise my pain he also got me to the core reasons that I would use for motivation to continue attending the gym.
I always leave my sessions with Dan feeling I have done a workout but never feeling like I couldn’t walk out or not return. The sessions change and keep my interest and Dan makes them achievable so that there is a sense of personal satisfaction. More importantly I am now pain free and meeting my goals of improved strength and fitness. A team effort but big thanks to Dan.

Tanya Gustafson

I would recommend Prism Performance to anyone looking for a personalized program designed to produce safe, steady results. Dan is very knowledgeable, is able to keep your program dynamic and challenging, and is clearly dedicated to making sure your needs are fully met.

Zak Sztor

I have worked with Dan professionally for over 10 years, and i have referred out many of my clients to Dan when there needs required his speciality rehab skills.
Dan has a great attention to detail and has a 5 star approach to getting his clients result!
I highly recommend him.

Leigh Martin

Dan is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. His depth of knowledge and insight into the human body (and mind!) gives me confidence that I will be able to achieve my goals. Coupled with the fact Dan is a helluva great guy makes this the PT relationship I’d been looking for.

Lesley Hitchens

Great Trainer. Programs tailored to precise needs excellent for rehab work. Dan actually watches what you are doing rather than standing around bored.

Alexei Kouleshov

I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone looking for a personal trainer in the Randwick area. Operating our of Fitness First, they have access to all the necessary equipment for a solid workout.

Olivier Masson

Dan really has the experience to take you where you want to be physically. He listens to what you want and tailors his programmes to your needs. I’m very impressed with his work so far; I achieved my goals after 4 months of training with Prism Performance. Highly recommend. The added bonus is that Dan is a great guy!

Julian Sickinger

Dan is a great PT, very friendly and helpful and really knows how to get me to push my body to the next level. Incredible how much energy I have these days!

Ben St Claire

Dan is a top guy and a fantastic trainer. He is committed to the long term journey with his clients and wants to help people make a permanent change. I’ve only been training with him for 6 months but in that time my leg and core strength has improved exponentially and my back and hip pain has subsided which were my initial goals when I started. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

Natalie Steiner Molinia

Really enjoy my training with Dan. He’s great at dealing with my knee issues and strength training. He’s always coming up with new and challenging programmes for me. Highly recommend, especially if you have any injuries to work around

Pamela Morpeth

When I started I had stiff knees, poor core strength and poor balance. I also had osteoporosis and didn’t want to take calcium drugs. A research project from Brisbane university showed the benefits of core strength exercises. Dan has delivered excellent personal fitness programs for me and I am a new person at the age of 64! My strength, my concentration and my self esteem continues to improve. I recommend Prism Performance to anyone of any age.

MJT Group

I’ve trained with Dan for nearly 1 year now and I’m feeling better than ever before.
I highly recommend Prism Performance for guaranteed results

Steph Grove

I have been training with Prism for over 2 years and I continue to be challenged and inspired. Dan is a great trainer and a lovely person.

Amy Cairns

A unique and personal approach. Dan works hard to tailor programmes to meet specific needs . After 20 years of pain I am pain free after a few weeks

Andrew Rogers

My name is Andrew Rogers
I’ve been lucky enough to be trained by one of the best trainers in Randwick in Daniel Henderson he is a great trainer I started with him in August 2018 I weighed 136kg and I was constantly in pain and sick of been fat I’m now in February and I now weight 118kg and I feel great Dan has support every step of the way and I wouldn’t be where I am with my progress without him and his program Prism Pefomance
It is a great program and is designed for anyone to gain success
I strongly recommend giving it a go
I did and I didn’t regret it I’ve lost 18kgs

Laura Fillmann

I have been training with PRISM performance for almost 3 years now & have never looked back. Dan has helped me recover from a neck fracture and back injury through muscle releasing, strength training & mobility exercises. He’s even got me squating with a bar on my neck again, something I never thought I would be able to do after fracturing my C5 spine. I can also now safely deadlift without straining my back as we have been able to build strength around the L4/L5 area over the years where I have arthrosis in the joint. I love going to my twice weekly PT sessions with Dan as he is so knowledgeable & always keeps things interesting with a variety of different programs. We always have a good laugh which is a bonus. I cannot recommend Dan more highly. He has 12 years experience & it really shows. Not many trainers of his caliber in the Eastern suburbs!


Excellent. Met all my expectations. Great support and technical advice.

Rob Hawkins

I started having sessions with Dan in October 2018 after suffering back pain and immobility. The comprehensive assessment identified the imbalances and tensions in my body and educated me on day to day exercises to mitigate pain.

I saw results within 6 weeks and my confidence level grew each week. It wasn’t long before I was back training to a similar effort I had previously. Dan’s programs were detailed but easy to understand with video demonstrations.

The service I received was fun but professional, always punctual and seems tailored to my needs. Weekly assesments tracked my progression and gave me a sense of value over a “normal” personal trainer.

I would highly recommend Prism Performance for anyone recovering an injury, wanting to gain confidence and knowledge specific to their needs or anyone who wants to evoke change.